Probation Check In

Simplify the Sign In System!

Just like a paper sign in sheet, Probation Check In is fast and Easy! But with an electronic sign in system you get so much more like clear names, accurate timestamps, notifications, documentation and valuable reports.

Get Notified!

Probation Check In notifies the staff when someone signs in. They may need a specific officer, staff member or just came in from court. After they enter their name they are presented with choices that you program. You have complete control of the choice buttons and can change them at any time. The choice buttons categorize and sort your arrivals to give a more specific reason for the visit.

Management Reports

Management reports give valuable statistics. The system records an accurate date and time of sign in and reason for visit. With the daily report and the statistical reports, management can review performance and workload of the office and staff. Stats are kept long term and can be recalled by date range as far back as day one.

Sign In Sheet screenshot

Document Visitors

Automatically Notify Staff

Keep Reports

Benefits of an Electronic Sign In System

Legible Names

It's pretty obvious when it comes to handwriting, a typed name and consistent reason for visit wins!

HIPAA Compliance - Privacy

Today, privacy is crucial to everyones confidence. Having a paper sign in sheet says you don't care about privacy. Privacy is easier with kiosk technology.

Track Wait Times

Do you know exactly what your wait times are? Accurate time stamps provide statistics to help manage your office.

Accurate Time and Date

Let's face it. Visitors don't estimate time very well. An accurate time stamp will document the visit and punctuality. Recall visitor logs for accurate documentation.

Improved Response Times - Less Wait

Probation Check In will sort visitors and notify the correct department or staff member. Unlike a paper sheet, multiple persons can monitor the lobby and respond directly.

Accurate Time and Date

Having your probation check in information in a database allows you to generate valuable reports. Track work flow, wait times and staff performance.

Touch Screens are Easy as 1-2-3

Ask for Name

Legible Names
No Card to Maintain
Standard Keyboard Layout

Reason for Visit

Easy One Touch Choice
Change Anytime


Can be customized

The entire sign in process can be completed in just seconds!

Standard Display for Office Computers

This is one of the screens available to staff. Clicking Acknowledge time stamps the entry and records the staff name of who is helping the visitor.

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